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Adding Format Apps to the Menu

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Adding Format Apps to the Menu

YuS - following this:

The Menu can automatically add apps in Format. Just download the the Installer (ending in .paf.exe) for the app you'd like to add (like FileZilla Portable, for instance). Then, in Menu, click Options - Add a New App - Install and then select the FileZilla Portable .paf.exe file you just downloaded. The Menu will automatically install it to the proper location for you.

But, why does the platform try to make a TCP connection before installing, since the app Installer has already been downloaded? [is it for stats, i.e. Counter]

John T. Haller
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It Doesn't

It doesn't. The current version of the platform doesn't even have a connectivity component anywhere within it. Sounds like a hyperactive software firewall. Or you're infected with something.

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