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blender.exe flagged by SOPHOS antivirus

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blender.exe flagged by SOPHOS antivirus

My network IT team have just picked up an alert about file: blenderportable\App\Blender\blender.exe

Its been flagged and quarantined with suspicious behavior by Sophos Anti-Virus.

Sophos v 7.6.13 last updated 13-11-2009 10:01

BlenderPortable 2.49b

Probably a false positive. But you maybe should be aware.

John T. Haller
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Check First

With an antivirus flag (portable app or not) it's best to verify it online using virustotal or jotti before taking the next step. I just posted it to VirusTotal and all antivirus products, including Sophos, report it as clear.

It is possible your personal copy is infected, in which case you should check your machine. Or Sophos could have messed up earlier and fixed it now. As a secondary, you can also scan with ClamWin Portable in case Sophos misses something.

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