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Crash (Toucan 2.2.0 & Toucan 2.2.1)

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Crash (Toucan 2.2.0 & Toucan 2.2.1)

1) Go to Sync, hit Add job, enter job name.
2) Choose source and destination directories.
3) Save the job.
4) Close Toucan.
5) Start Toucan again.
6) Go to Sync, select the previously saved job.
7) Expand destination directory -> crash.

- source directory is expandable without crash
- Windows XP Prof, SP3
- I had source on HDD, destination on Removable HDD
- Source directory structure:
C:\toucan-test\dir1\1.txt (a zero-size file)

- Destination directory structure:
G:\toucan-test\dir1\1.txt (a zero-size file)
G:\toucan-test\dir1\readme.txt (a zero-size file)

- Screenshot

Steve Lamerton
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for the detailed report, I am hoping to post a new pre-release in the next couple of days and I will try to get this fixed!

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