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GTK CD Label Portable

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GTK CD Label Portable

Program: GTK CD Label
License: Open Source
Description from the website:


gtkcdlabel is a GUI frontend to cdlabelgen which is a program that can generate a variety of CD tray covers. The code is based on gcombust and gcdlabelgen.

The latest version (1.10) supports all options of the latest version of cdlabelgen and also has several UI enhancements. You can now also use image formats other than EPS. If you have the program convert from the ImageMagick suite then any format it can handle can be used by gtkcdlabel.
All thats left is bugfixes

Beginning with version 1.10 gtkcdlabel depends upoon python 2.5 and pygtk

The versions from 0.7.0 upwards use GTK2 and as a result of the port I'm no longer supporting the GTK1 version (i.e. versions before 0.7.0) though the last stable tarballs and RPM's can still be obtained here


Some of the new features include

* Ported to pygtk2
* Supports all of the options in cdlabelgen 4.0.0
* You can supply images of any format that ImageMagic can handle and EPS conversion is carried out on the fly
* It'll process the ID3 tags on an MP3 CD

Requirements & Downloads

* gtkcdlabel: Source and binaries
* cdlabelgen > 3: Homepage | RPM's
* GTK 2.0 and above
* Python 2.5 and pygtk

If you want to run versions prior to 0.7.0 then you'll also need

* libcdaudio: Homepage | Mandrake RPM's
* GTK+-1.2