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AutoRun Portable FireFox???

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AutoRun Portable FireFox???

How Do I... Or maybe Is there a way to make
Portable Firefox to AutoRun when the ThumbDrive
is inserted into the USB port???

i just think it would be so cool and i would not have to
drill down to the icon...




toddsherman (not verified)
I don't have it auto run but

I don't have it autorun (meaning automatically start) but I do this so that I can right-click the drive and start PFF from the menu. Google some keywords like: autorun icon label shell

and you will find specs/examples for autorun usage.

label="the drive label"

shell\portablefirefox\command = PortableApps\PortableFirefox\PortableFirefox.exe
shell\PortableFirefox = >Run &Firefox

Dsn (not verified)
This is the AutoRun.inf from

This is the AutoRun.inf from 1.0.7.... the thing is.. it never AutoRan for me.. i never knew if something was missing or not...
i could never get FireFox to AutoRun...
it came with portable firefox.. or i got it from somewhere...
don't remember... sorry

shell\portablefirefox = Portable&Firefox
shell\portablefirefox\command = PortableFirefox\PortableFirefox.exe

Thanks for the quick reply..!!!



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Impossible for me

First sorry for my english

You could not get FireFox to AutoRun because it is impossible on USB key.

For an USB key the user must click on the key to launch the program.

you have the response on this page :

for the question :
What must I do to trigger Autorun on my USB storage device?

carlma (not verified)

Carl Marx Smile

this is an easy way to do it:)

royalder (not verified)
Auto Run Example That Works

Here is my autorun.inf file that I have on root directory (no folder) right next to PStart.

action=Run Portable Start

To quote

Advanced Topic - Auto Run Script:
Windows support a simple script file which can be run automatically when a UFD drive is inserted (under Windows XP you may be prompted with a dialog asking you what to do and the first option on this dialog will be to run the program on the device, which is our script).

To create an auto-run script, you need to create a file by the name of "autorun.inf" in the drive's main (root) directory. The content of this file has three lines:
action=Run Zoom Player

The first line is an indicator this is an auto-run file, leave it as-is. The second line is a text description that will show up on Windows XP's pop-up dialog when a new device is inserted. The third line is which program to run when the UFD is inserted. This file indicates that Zoom Player was installed to the "ZP" directory on the UFD. [The 4th line points to the icon you want displayed in the pop-up dialog. Just point to the program itself.]

You can download this sample file here (extract the ZIP file into the UFD main directory).

Advanced Topic - Batch Files:
Batch files are basic Windows scripting files allowing you to execute multiple programs/commands in sequence. By setting an Auto-Run script to run a batch file instead of the Zoom Player executable, you can have multiple commands executed. For example, the following script would first add a registry file into the windows registry and only then run Zoom Player in fullscreen mode:
@call regedit.exe /s mysettings.reg
zplayer.exe /f

There are plenty of tutorials for writing Batch files on the web, but for this tutorial, here are a few basic items you may want to take into account:

1. All batch files have the ".bat" file extension (for example "go.bat").
2. The "@" character infront of every command line means it's a silent command (would not appear in a console window).
3. The "call" command infront of the file name indicates that the process should wait for the executed program to close before running the next line in the script.
4. By right-clicking a ".bat" batch file, you can choose for the console window which opens for the batch file to start minimized. This is cosmetical... it doesn't look nice when a black window opens while the batch file is working. When specifying properties for a batch file, a file with a ".pif" extension is created. This file keeps the setting for the batch file with the same base file name.
5. See what Google has to say about batch files.

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Autorun Progams

I use autoplay handlers built into windows xp to autostart Pstart on plugin of the USB. It can be modified to autostart any program and is just a few registry entries.

Basically, you create a new autoplay option in the registry, which you then choose under the autoplay options in the drive properties window. Then you choose your new option and tell it to always use it and from that time on you only have to plug in the drive and it will autostart that program. Below is instructions on how this can be done. I have copied it from the txt file I keep them in to this post:

----- USB Autoplay Handler -----

*****What is USB Autoplay Handler?*****

This is a way to create a autoplay handler for USB devices within Windows XP. It allows the user to create an autoplay
option for any program residing on a USB Device or other removable drive. I have included the instructions and necessary
registry entries below. Enjoy!

*****Some Problems to Consider, Nothing to Bad though :)*****

So far I have tried this on a number of Windows XP Machines and it works everytime. However, The following needs to be

1. You do need to have Administrator rights to import the entries to the registry, but After that though it will work
without admin rights.
2. The path the executable will have to be change before you enter it into the registry on a new machine, as the drive
will change. (NOTE: If any one can find an enviromental variable to allow windows to always find the USB Drive,
it would then not need to be changed. I am still looking into it)
3. You must have Autorun enable on the PC for this to work.

Other than the above I see no other problems.

*****Instructions for changing it for any system*****

Below is the registry file you need to create. (Just copy the code in between the Start and End lines)

To make it work for your system and program, follow the below steps:

1. In the second key, change the "Action" Setting, where it says "USB Portable Apps List" to the an action name
such as "Open Firefox".
2. Change the "Provider" Entry to the manufacturer of the program, such as "Firefox Browser".
3. In the third Key, change the "PStart (ISO)" to "(ProviderEntry) ISO", Place what you put in the provider above
in place of the (ProviderEntry). Make sure you put a space and ISO after the entry.
4. In the last key place the path to the executable of the program you want to start.
5. Save the file as a .reg file, and then double click on it to import it to your registry.
6. Plug in your USB drive and then go to "My Computer > USB Drive > Properties" then goto the the "AutoPlay" properties page
click the drop down list and select "Mixed Content" you should see your new entry there.
7. Check the "Select Action to perform" circle and then choose your entry. Choose "Apply" and then "OK" to close.
8. Now log of and back on. This will reload the registry with your new changes.
9. Unplug and then replug in your USB and the program should autostart.
10. Finished!!

:::::Start Registry file:::::

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


"Action"="USB Portable App List Start"

@="PStart (ISO)"





:::::End of Registry File:::::

****Final Thoughts****

It is possible to change the icon of the autoplay handler by changing the "DefaultIcon" entry in the second Key. I have it
set to use the USB icon in the Shell32 file in the windows folder, as 99% chance it will be on any Windows XP system. If you
want to use another Icon, then chance the entry to a path to the icon. Just make sure you change that path as you would the
path the the executable on a new machine.


Created By Deuce199
Using Windows XP Professional
Tested on Windows XP Professional Systems
December 15, 2005

Also here is a link to a picture of my Autoplay Handlers under my USB Drive with my autoplay entry chosen.

Autoplay Hanlder Example

Any questions just ask.


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usbrun.exe from USB-Secure 2


On my PCs i use a tool which is installed with "USB-Secure 2" (just google for it or usbrun.exe

The program itself is shareware (seems the development is stopped, and nor answers from the developer, so no registration of the program itself is possible) but the usbrun.exe does not check for registration, but installs as a service. It adds autorun function to ANY connected device without changing any settings to the registry (except the service startup). It can also be run by cmdline, so when you open run and enter usbrun new drives are automatically recognized (no need to reboot, as the program says). Then the windows autorun function is involved.

And you can pack the exe with upx or ASPack (which i prefer, since it also packs dlls).

Maybe somebody was interested in this.


Steve Lamerton
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To my knowladge UPX packs

To my knowladge UPX packs both exe's and Dll's


Steve Lamerton

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Ryan McCue
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It does ---- R McCue

It does
R McCue

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memento (not verified)
easy solution

I use this aplication and works fine!

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This is payware!
My link is a free part of a shareware program which is dead. This means Author not responding to purchase requests, bug reports,... .

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