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virtual box

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virtual box

i really need to be able to run v_box from my flah drive.....

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Hi and welcome here Smile

If you search the forums, you will notice that there are several posts about Virtual Box. It was in development but it never got released here. So I guess you'd have to wait till someone again gives it a go.

In addition to that it would be great if you could make future requests a little more informative. Less errors and more info. If you really need to be able to run v_box from your flah drive, you'd have to go and do it yourself becuase your posts come acreoos a little demanding and this generally keeps people away from giving the app a try. Its all done in peoples spare time here after all.



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just get it

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I use this...

I use this on my portable hard drive, to run linux, among other things...

IIRC, it is a live installer, so you need an internet connection...

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needs a few drivers and a

needs a few drivers and a couple services. This requires admin rights. Likely won't happen anytime soon.

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I'm really sorry for not

I'm really sorry for not posting the way you would like me to....I'll work on that.....thanx for everyones replies..

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