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Can Toucan verify the backup's integrity ?

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Can Toucan verify the backup's integrity ?

Hi,I am not sure whether Toucan can verify the integrity of backup ?
could you kindly instruct the details ?

Thanks a lot.

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To verify backup, have used 7zip


I don't know if Toucan can verify backups, but I have used a PortableApps install of 7zip to do just that. It has a verify function built in. Toucan uses 7zip internally.

Then, when my portable drive failed this morning, I installed 7Zip to drive C and was able to unzip the entire 21 meg backup onto a new USB drive, meaning that restore using 7Zip has also worked for me on large zip backups made with Toucan.


Steve Lamerton
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it cannot, however this is on the list for Toucan 3. You can, as mentioned test them in 7-Zip with no issues Smile

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