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Just Stopped

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Just Stopped

I have the latest and greatest version of Thunderbird and yesterday, it stopped working. No changes, no updates, nothing. When I double click on the icon, it gives me the splash screen like normal then nothing. When I check task manager, there it is. The memory goes up, then down. If I click on it to end task, the end task button grays out. I let it 'attempt launch' for 15 minutes to get nothing. I also tried it on a different machine (hoping it was my PC and not my portable). Got the same results.

I tried to reinstall the app, get the same results. I scanned for virus and any other bugs and got nothing. I moved the folder from my portable drive to my hard drive to see if there is something wrong with my drive. Now when I launch it from my desktop, it acts like it was a fresh install and there is no emails!

WOW....what did I do and where is my email and what could be causing the issue with Thunderbird?? But now my main concern is my emails!


**Update---I completly installed a new copy of Thunderbird on a new USB drive and it too is doing the same thing. It starts, it shows in the task manager and it does nothing except flash my drive. After 10 minutes NOTHING.