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Where are Folder/Filter/SearchFolderLabel settings?

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Where are Folder/Filter/SearchFolderLabel settings?


I'm taking the plunge into portable Thunderbird and I'm trying to figure out the best way to keep it in sync with my main computer.

So far I've copied the entire profile folder, which seems to be working fine, but it's a bit much for everyday sync.

For everyday sync I'd like to just copy changes in emails, address book, and anything I may have done as far as sorting into folders, labels, etc. If I copy the mail/imapmail folders + prefs.js + abook.mab, will that be enough to keep all of these settings intact? If not, where are these settings located?

Also, is there a way to incrementally backup my mail folders so i don't have to copy the whole inbox when I've only added a few messages?