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aMSN and gstreamer

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aMSN and gstreamer

As soon as I open aMSN, 'C:\Documents and Settings\Username\.gstreamer-0.10\registry.i686.bin' is created and then left behind on exit.

XP Home SP2 (admin)

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Me too

Same thing on Vista SP2...

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I'm disappointed still...

aMSN is supposed to be portable, and I am using the latest portable apps version. Still, when I try to use it in a 'portable' manner, the darn thing looses all the settings and skins as I move from one computer to another.

I can't be the only one who is experiencing this. I love the program and the themes, but setting it up each time as I go back and forth is frustrating.



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Please keep discussion of the other bug in that thread. There is no need to spread it across multiple threads. It merely adds noise, making it more difficult to troubleshoot each issue. I understand you're frustrated, but venting it in other bug posts is counterproductive.

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