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Selective installer one day?

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Selective installer one day?

It would be great to have a selective installer. I really only need Calc, Impress, Math and Writer. But my attempts at hacking away the unneeded apps ended in disastrous consequences. The other apps are great, I just don't need them.

Maybe I am modifying the .ini files wrong. Any input is greatly appreciated.

John T. Haller
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If you mean you want to hide the icons in the Menu, just right-click and select hide in 2.0 Beta 3. If you're using 1.5.x, right-click and rename to -

If you mean you only want to install some of, read this:

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J Neutron
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One big program

You'll find (if you search the site) that this question has been asked a number of times. is one big program, and not a collection of individual programs.

Microsoft's product can install Word only, for example. That is not the case with OR Portable.

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