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help please

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help please

I didn't realize that there was a Portable Apps suite until after I installed and customized my portable Firefox (with addons), GoodSync2Go, RoboForm2Go. What if I wanted to install Portable Apps suite especially with GUI but don't want to reinstall portable Firefox, GoodSync2Go, RoboForm2Go on my portable hard drive? Is that possible?


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Sure is

You just need to find your profile directory on your local computer. I think it's %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\profiles\[your profile's name].[randomness]\[something].

Find that folder.

Now install Portable Firefox on your device. Start it once, quit out.

Open X:\PortableApps\FirefoxPortable\data\profile where X is your device letter.

Copy the contents of one to the other.

Start Portable Firefox to test it. Should work. If not, post in here and let us know.

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All the applications here (including the suite itself) are designed to allow non-destructive re-install and/or updating.

In other words, you can "suite" yourself and still keep your previously customized programs.

You should, however, maintain good backups to protect against crashes, power glitches and various other gremlins. That advice applies to normal computer life in general as well as when updating any applications from anywhere.

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Install over it

Just install the suite over it all. It will preserve settings in each of them. (It's probably a good idea to back it up before hand just to make sure.)

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If I understand correctly

You already have installed Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition, and now you want to install the Portable Apps Suite. You will notice that it comes in three different varieties: Platform Only, Suite Light, and Suite Standard.
I would suggest only downloading the Platform Only - you can always add the other apps later.

Since we don't know exactly where you installed it, I think you need some more detailed instructions.

Portable Apps are designed to be self-contained in a single folder, so everything you've done so far should be in the \FirefoxPortable\ folder, wherever you installed it.

The Platform (also known as the Menu) is designed to automatically display the icons of apps in the X:\PortableApps\ folder. (X being whatever drive letter your portable drive uses, it doesn't matter)


Install the platform.
Then make sure that your folder structure has X:\PortableApps\FirefoxPortable\.
If you need to, just copy the whole \FirefoxPortable\ folder from wherever it is and put it in the correct location. Then, close and re-open the platform, and it should have an icon for Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition.

As for the other applications in the suite, I prefer to download them one at a time and install them using the Options>Install a New App from the platform.
Why? Well, I don't need all those apps, the total download time is the same but in smaller chunks, and there have been issues in the past with the bundled apps not being the latest version.

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