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I've read that it was possible to install easyPhP on a USB key. I suppose it is so a possibly "portable apps" isn't it?
As I didn't find very usefull information on how perform the insatllation of EasyPhP on a USB key, the best solution would be to have a "Portable Apps" package...

Thanks a lot!

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While not familiar with EasyPHP myself, I have found XAMPP with the portable XAMPP ( with the launcher (available on the same page) to be an excellent portable web server. Have you given that one a shot?

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easy vs xampp

They're two different working filosophies.

EasyPHP is PHP centered (it has a php editor embedded too)
Xampp is a web server with a lot of usefull 'object' (smtp, ftp, sftp, and so on)

I like easyPHP for my classroom courses but I'm using XAMPP for production purpose.

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EasyPHP Portabe

Read more about easyphp postable for more informatin and latest downloadable versions

Download free software :

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