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Auto PortableApps Updater

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Auto PortableApps Updater

I would like to request an "Auto PortableApps Updater".

1) Have it scan my existing PortableApps
2) Ask me to "check" the ones I want to update
3) Compares my local versions to the latest online
4) Downloads the latest versions
5) Installs to existing location

Done! : )

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Search . And yes, I

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I 2nd this app!

Something like the update checker that has would be great!

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I believe what Oliver was saying is...

...that this is not a new request; it is actually one that has been requested long before; is currently being developed by two separate developers; is one of the most discussed topics on these boards; is planned to be included in the next revision of the menu/platform; and that it is a wonderful idea to search for a topic before posting a request.

May I add that you will also find excellent information if you click on the link "Recent Posts" on the left.

And, of course, welcome to Portable Apps.

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