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"Explore": should start from root of portable dir, not root of drive

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"Explore": should start from root of portable dir, not root of drive

So I'll admit it, I've still been using PStart until just last month because the pa.c platform launcher was missing some things I really liked. Still is, but I'll bug ya later about that. Wink

Anyway... Didn't notice it until I actually clicked on it today, but "Explore" is bringing up a Windows Explorer window rooted at the *drive* containing the portable apps, but not specifically the directory containing StartPortableApps.exe. For most people perhaps these are one and the same -- but on some of my media, I have the apps one directory lower, in X:\Portable, or sometimes several directories lower (e.g., C:\Documents and Settings\(myname)\Portable, making it convenient to use portable apps within a terminal server environment).

I think that, just like the buttons to bring up Documents and its special subdirs, Explore should bring up the directory just above Documents/PortableApps, even if it's not the root of the drive. (If I want to go right to the drive's root, it's even easier just to hit Win-E and click on the physical drive.)


Tim Clark
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I would disagree.

I would disagree.

If it were an option, that would be fine.
But if there is only one default it should be the root of the drive.


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I'm going to agree with Tim

I'm going to agree with Tim on this.

As an option it would be ok. If so, the current setup should be default. By design the platform is expected to be run from the root of the drive to keep paths short for apps such as OpenOffice, etc. When you want to explore, you're expecting to explore your drive, not just the PortableApps folder.


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I agree. I think he has a point.

If you want to just explore the drive, you can just hit Win+E. The Platform isn't really doing you any favors by offering that as a shortcut, unless you install to the root of the drive.

I get the point about OpenOffice, but not everyone uses OpenOffice. Not everyone uses the Platform on a flash drive.

I think the "Explore" option is vague, should be renamed to PortableApps Home, and take you to \PortableApps. If y'all want a My Computer icon to browse the local computer, that would be fine, but again, you can get that with Win+E. The way it is now is redundant. But not useless.

I have my PortableApps folder just off root, how it is by default, on both my flash drive and my external hard drive at home, so it works for me. I never thought about it any other way. It's a good point though.

John T. Haller
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It's gonna stay the root of the current drive. That's the point of it. Whether or not you have PA.c installed to the root, you're gonna be looking at the drive it's on. PA Home or something doesn't mean much to most folks. The few who don't have it in root will know what's up.

For the record, installing to root is recommended, as always, and works best with all apps and with the platform.

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Disagree slightly. And: I don't install in root, is that bad?

I'm using PA.c for installing once, then syncing the installed apps (including settings) to my other computers via network (and to a USB-key before going on vacations...) - in this situation I typicall do not run portable apps from root, but from inside \My Documents. I was also surprised that Explore goes to the root, but I don't care. To get the PortableApps folder, click i.e. on Documents and navigate from there is easy enough.
Now I'll go hunting for some explanations why I prefer installin in root. (Apart from length of path names?)

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