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Moving between USB and hard drive

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Moving between USB and hard drive

I'm using version on Win XP's HD and like to take it occasionally on a Portable App Thumb. I use it most often off my hard drive (XP)

I also sync my laptop with my desktop. These have the same paths, C:\... and that seems to work fine.

When I install it on WinXP (not as a portable app since there are multiple accounts on the machine) it puts it ..../My Documents/Thunderbird

On my Portable app stick, it is in a different directory.

I have problems syncing, Thunderbird doesn't seem to like using relative paths ONLY. I Get incorrect message counts and who knows what else.

I also have searched this forum and Google.

Clearly I can't use the standard Thunderbird off a stick. It scatters data all over.

Is there a way to sync TB Port when the relative paths are different?

This would be a great option even is some plugins didn't function.