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[Various requests for] usb flash drive software

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[Various requests for] usb flash drive software

hi dear

I want to know is there any softwares like following list for usb flash drive in linux?

Microsoft USB Flash Drive Manager
managing usb flash drive , you can easily copy files to and from your drive, back up and restore the entire flash drive to and from your hard disk, change the drive label.

Rohos Mini Drive
This security tool allows you to create a secret partition on the drive and then password-protect/encrypt that partition, thus protecting any documents you copy to that partition via the utility's file manager.

Once installed and configured, this little freeware utility will allow you to turn a USB flash drive into a key you
can use to lock and unlock your computer.

If you are a Web developer, you may be interested to know that with Server2Go, you can easily run a Web server that supports Apache, PHP, MySQL, and Perl right from a USB flash drive.

Create a Vista password reset disk using a USB flash drive
thanks in advance

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