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KompoZer: What about non-HTML?

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KompoZer: What about non-HTML?

I can't open any page except HTML. Is there a way to make this work with scripted HTML pages like ASP, PHP, or JSP?

John T. Haller
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PHP Support

NVU supports PHP. It doesn't support ASP or JSP. There is no way to add it.

If you wish to do script editing, a text editor is better suited to that. Portable SciTE would be a good option.

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Ryan McCue
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Or PSPad

My personal favourite.
When my computer got repaired, the first thing I did on my other computer was get PSPad.
Can't live without it.
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aw man!

I really love this app, I'd be happy with nothing else when I'm on the road. I would love to be able to open any text file and just edit it - no need for WYSIWYG in that case. Examples:
-- I have some text files on one site which are essentially just ini files. So I can edit everything except them.
-- Another example is I can open .php files, but if the file is called .inc or something, then it won't open - even if this file contains html and/or php.

So, I'd hate to see this app get bloated by supporting every stupid format. But just a little tweak to open unsupported files as "source" only would be cooool.

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