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PAP Ideas

I know it must be very hard work keeping this site running and tryin to get the apps for the platform, I mean no disrespect to those developing this platform, in fact i'm a big fan of it. After trying several others i've come back to the PAP, or rather the MOD R34, only because it has more of the features i like and use. I do hope some of the ideas presented here will be given consideration, and i'd like those of you who agree with them to give some encouragement to those in 'charge' to include them in some future release of the platform. I want to see so much added to the platform and wonder if it will ever happen. It has so much potential and the possibilities are immense. Here are my ideas for added functionality for the official PAP:

1. Tabbed support.
2. Resizing of menu.
3. Drag n drop shortcuts for external apps, Right side of menu or to tabs.
4. Right Click options for Shortcuts - rename, change path.
5. Right Click options for Apps - remove from menu, explore here, categories, move.
6. Possibly even docklet support compatible with RocketDock and ObjectDock.
7. Another long shot Eye-wink, support for either windows sidebar gadgets or something similar. The reason for this is that I have a gadget to monitor all drive capacities, CPU, RAM, WiFi, d/l speed, Batt, time/date, and can also monitor many other things (MultiMeter2.10).

Though, I imagine, this is a big request, how many would like to see these things added into one single app/platform? It would put the PAP way out there above the competition. It would make Rocket/Object/etc Docks redundant, even possibly the Sidebar if some sort of gadget idea could be integrated.

I completely understand the immensity of this sort of idea but it would make for a great platform to integrate the ideas of PAP, RD/OD, windows sidebar (yes i understand there could be copyright issues with this).

Perhaps you think there's no need for some of these, but I think there would be many out there who would disagree. Come on people add your comments and your support if you think there some feasibility in these ideas and you'd like to see them added to the best Portable menu out there!!

I've tried a few, RD/OD plus a few menu variations, Codysafe, Appetiser, and some other not so good ones. All these are great in their own way but I think by now there should be something that stands out from the crowd and out of all these I support JTH and crew - all for PAP Smiling

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And "Portable Start Menu" type things!

I was going to post a new topic, but then I saw this, so I just want to say that the platform should have options like Portable Start Menu does. It tries to close any running portable programs when it exits (and of course you can turn this option off, and I know this is being worked on with the platform now), it has an option to start when the flash drive is plugged in, and it also supports menu folders. These three options are what I'd like to see, and I also agree with what sl23 said. With these options, it would be the perfect portable platform!

- Chase Somero

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Tabs? You mean tabs on the menu?

This could be an alternative to categories. There really isn't the kind of space up there for text, though. Anyone read Ars Technica? Their latest news stories menu is pretty nice. They use icons for tab headers. The menu could do something like this, especially since y'all want to use the categories on the Applications page, rather than the R34 solution of user-created categories. And then you have a tab for Everything, which is active by default.


I have some pretty outrageous ideas, but the fact is, the release team wants to keep the menu simple. For the widgets, the best thing to do would be to have a portable LiteStep or something similar, and have it auto-start with the menu.

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Tabs? Yes tabs!

check this out, tho its for PAMv1.5 R34MOD -

I've reconfigured it by changing the icons, drive bar colour, shortcuts, and some other minor tweaks, But it reduces the onscreen size of the menu tho still allows plenty of apps/categories to be shown. Whilst allowing shortcuts to be added for your own apps or for windows apps/folders. Not only that but it could even be configured to add extra tabs for more shortcuts if required. E.G. remove the exit/eject/hide buttons and you create space for tabs, so you could have seperate tabs for folders, MS Admin/System apps, installed apps (tho obviously this would only work on the PC the apps are installed on), the list of possibilities with this is very long.

I dont understand why these sort of things arent available in the official PAM. They're very functional and practical ideas that I believe many would appreciate.

As for the sidebar idea, I recently found the Rainmeter Portable app right here on this site. I came across this by accident and it looks great. I think it has a way to go before it takes off as its fiddly to edit to how you want it, lots of .ini files! It'd be great if the developers added a GUI for editing the sidebars and taskbars. But perhaps that's on the agenda, I hope so as this has a lot of potential.

Live for an ideal and leave no place in the mind for anything else.

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Rainmeter Portable

There are no plans to add a GUI skin editor for Rainmeter. Rainmeter is not for everyone. There are a lot of developments happening that will allow skinners to design things for Rainmeter that will be more easily adjusted by users, but the strength of Rainmeter is in it's versatility. A GUI skin editor could never encompass all that Rainmeter is capable of and would just end up causing a flood of "cookie cutter" skins. An outside party could try to create a skin editor, but it's highly unlikely you'll see one from the Rainmeter team.

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I see what you mean about the skin editor idea. This is a deep app that needs some time spent figuring out whats what in order to understand how you want it setup. But as you say others may develop some simpler way of getting into it. I played a little for the second time tonight and its not difficult to figure out but theres lots to confuse.

From what i could tell, I may be wrong as I only had a little play with it, the settings could do with being better grouped or something so as to be clear as to what effect it is you are changing. Do you get that or is it a bit vague???

Live for an ideal and leave no place in the mind for anything else.

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Combi Wallpaper/Filemanager PAP with search

Heres my proposal.

A PAP that automatically covers the wholescreen with filemanager of choice pref Freecommander, with option of wallpaper for casual pc users. The portable apps can be configured to display left/right top or bottom of file manager or ramdom on desktop.

Add Everything Search as default search tool.

I believe this would push Portableapps forward as a platform due to extremely poor implementations by microsoft in respect of

a/ choice of installation
b/ choice of save/ open file locations
c/ hassle free and much more secure environment
d/ better file managemnet
e/ ease of file naming
f/ ease of moving copying files
g/ better and much faster search
h/ smaller and less bloated apps
i/ much less depenceny problems

More people could and would feel the benfits of portable apps. We would all benefit at the expense of MS, Adobe, Java and soon Google.

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