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Flash Support For Google Chrome Portable?

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Flash Support For Google Chrome Portable?

Hello there,

I've installed Google Chrome 3, 4 Beta, and 4 Beta Dev releases for PortableApps, trying to manually install Adobe Flash Player on each one, one by one. The method I used is the known one: downloading the flash player xpi file, changing it to a ZIP, extracting out the xpt file and the dll file, and copying them into \Chrome-bin\\ . However, Flash Player still does not work, and does not show as installed in about:plugins. Am I doing something wrong? Or is Flash just not supported on the Portable release?

Thanks for your help.

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The files need to go into

The files need to go into Chrome-bin\plugins, create the folder if it does not exist. It will survive upgrades of GCP too, FYI.

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