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Zip Encryption

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Zip Encryption

First off thanks for this great application.

I am trying to figure out the level of encryption used with the backup option.

Looking over the code it would appear that when you select a backup format of zip with a password that no special switches other than -p and the password are put on the 7z command line. Based on this and if I am reading the 7z docs right you are only getting default encryption which is ZipCrypto and is rather weak.

I am pretty sure that selecting 7zip with a password will use AES256.

Am I reading this correctly? If so, could the software be updated so that the zip format uses AES256?



Steve Lamerton
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is because, as far as I am aware, the build in Zip support in many operating systems does not support AES-256, and as this is the main advantage of Zip over 7-Zip anyway it seemed like it wouldn't be a good compromise to throw it away. I am always open to arguments though!

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