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Support for long filenames (including long path)

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Support for long filenames (including long path)


I've tried looking for mention of this, but without much luck - apologies if this has been covered before.

Does Toucan have support for path+filename combinations that exceed 255 characters? I've been staggered recently to discover (last person to do so, it seems) that Windows will allow you to create a deep (or long) folder structure that ends up with a really long path+filename string.

Most copy programs barf when they see this which is very frustrating. SyncToy is the only sync tool that I can find which copes with this, but I'd much rather use Toucan.

Can anyone give me a definitive answer on this please?

Many thanks in advance


Steve Lamerton
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definitive answer is that I have not done anything special to support this, but I will get it added before the 3.0 release as I think it is a fairly major feature, thanks for suggesting it!

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