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Database Browser Portable Release

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Database Browser Portable Release

Application: Database Browser
Category: Development
License: Freeware
This easy to use tool allows user to connect to any database and browse or modify data, execute sql scripts, export and print data
Download Database Browser Portable [2.45MB download / 2.32MB installed]
(MD5: 35b5ceb917c95a4107c28b5762f8f62b)

Release Notes: Release (2009-12-19):

  • Updated Installer
  • Saves all setting into local directory, so it does not use registry at all now.
  • Couple of minor bugs fixes

I think this version is ready for release.
DB Software Laboratory

[Removed "Pre-release" label, as being a third-party official release it doesn't need it, added License: Freeware so people don't get confused at all - mod Chris]