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Themes Install

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Themes Install

If you uses a theme and install it, why you can't use it always.
(PA beta 3)

I mean the following:

click on ... in the menu
give a .patheme file
it appears on the ... so you can't add it to the menu forever
but if you repeat this, the old one is out of the menu.

Can't it be changed?

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The current theme installation is flawed. Should be implemented like this...

-Click "Install Theme"
-Select theme file, if it isn't automaticly found on the flashdrive root/PA folder
-Theme is added to list
-Get rid of a theme by clicking "uninstall theme

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Makes sense

What I have done instead is created a folder in Documents called themes, that way when I install a new one, or want to change it, I am always looking in the same spot. It does make sense to have it actually "install" the theme with an option for "un-installing" a theme also.

I'd have to agree that this should be added to the request list. Might not be functionally important, but "looking good is more important than feeling good." (Apologies to Billy Crystal)

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My Idea is the following:

-the .patheme format can be accessed from the install button and now you can access it as a normal theme.
-Now if you stops PA and you start it a .patheme file is onloaded but a delivered theme is still avaible. But if it installed it is no problem
-If you get rid of it you can delete it easily with a button that deletes themes after a confirmation.

let's take a look at the files...

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