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Thunderbird v. 3 change my dates (Gmail IMAP) how to fix it?

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Thunderbird v. 3 change my dates (Gmail IMAP) how to fix it?


I've been using portable apps from a long time ago without problems.
I have an a Gmail account with IMAP protocol which use in my house, office or portable version without a hiccup until... I tried Thunderbird v. 3 and this is what happened:

After testing this version and see that some addons and Lighting won't work I decided to put on hold more time for this version.

My Thunderbird machine (2.0.23) is working fine and downloading mail as usual, but when I logged to see and archive or delete some spam mail in the web client I saw that the mail wasn't downloading and was mis-syncronized (I don't know if this term exists) but the idea is that the date of the Thunderbird mails and the webclient wasn't the same.

I don't know what else to do... for example mail from 09/02/2006 in the webmail (seen the whole mail with details) and shows as December 21 2009 when I see all the mails in the inbox. The mail in the Thunderbird client looks fine.

Is there any way to fix these date errors? or nothing to do? Sad

Please any idea or comment is welcome.

Best Regards.