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Strategy Help: Which mode to use - Sync/Backup/Mirror/Update

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Strategy Help: Which mode to use - Sync/Backup/Mirror/Update

Hi I looked around for some Toucan backup strategy suggestions and am now posting my question: What would be the best Toucan backup/sync strategy for a user with a Desktop, Laptop, and a External HD (used only for backup)?

On my desktop and laptop I want all my personal files to be synchronized. Generally I will make an edit to a file on my desktop, mirror it to my External HD, and then I want to mirror my laptop HD with the contents from the External HD. However there will be times when I modify files on my laptop and I will then want to synchronized my desktop to that state. I figure that I will use my Ext HD as the "source control" server so to speak.

So I'm not sure what mode to run Toucan in. I thought about Sync/Mirror, but what about Equalize? Or do I just do backup?

And then what do I do if I modify a file on both my desktop and laptop before syncing with my Ext HD?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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is definitely the mode that you need, backup is for compressing files into a single archive which does not sound like what you want at all.

I am not sure there is currently an easy way to support what you want in Toucan if I am honest. Support for situations when both a source and a destination file have been modified is currently sorely lacking, I have not yet come up with a good way of supporting it although I will look again before the next major release (version 3) as it is certainly something I would like to improve.

If you can be sure that files we not be modified on both sides the I would set up a mirror from your desktop to the external hd and then again from the external hd to the laptop based on the description you have given. I guess you could add a pair of jobs to go the other way when you change a file on the laptop first, but you would have to ensure that only the laptop had been updated.

Sorry I cannot be of more help!

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