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openoffice portable 3.1 for win 7

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openoffice portable 3.1 for win 7

i have hp hdx 16 with Windows 7 64bit. i tried to install openoffice portable in the "Program file" folder but while it was installing it gave me the following message "error open file for writing", i also got the same message with notepad ++ portable. what is the problem. i was able to install openoffice 3.1 the non-portable version. could you please provide assistance thanks

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Program Files is Unsupported

Do not install portable apps to your Program Files. That's for local, normal apps only. Portable apps store their data within their directory which Windows 7 does not like and will cause error messages.

You should install all your portable apps you want to install to your local hard drive to C:\PortableApps

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