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Export profile firefox portable to firefox no-portable

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Export profile firefox portable to firefox no-portable

Now I own computer, so I plan to switch from FF to FF portable non-portable. It's as simple as just copying the entire profile? or there are files that are not compatible? For example is that the bookmarks are easy to export but i dont know how doit with other things (history, extensions, etc etc)

P.S.: sry for my bad english - google traslator ^_^

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Yes it is that easy.

You should find where Firefox puts the profile on your hard disk and then delete the contents of that folder, and then copy your portable profile there.

It should all work just the same.

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You can also use profile manager and

tell it to use your profile folder stored wherever you want on your hard disk; I like this better than letting windows bury it deep within application data since you probably want easy access to the folder for making backups.

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