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Comments on my absence and the Cafe/Lupo issue...

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Comments on my absence and the Cafe/Lupo issue...

Well. I suppose I should start somewhere. Please accept my humble apologies for all the lurking that I have been doing, but I feel that the recent issues regarding CAFE Mod/eXpresso should be adressed by myself. This came to a head for me when I read the feature Lifehacker wrote on the Lupo ripoff.

Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker)...according to [John T. Haller's] tests, Coffee appears to be a near-total copy of C.A.F.E... We apologize to the authors of C.A.F.E. for credit not given, and encourage you to grab the original.

Firstly, I'd like to recognize that it was probably a mistake for me to take over the CAFE Mod project in the first place. I stumbled upon this community almost two years ago, and since then my workload from school has gotten much heavier, not to mention I am also working part-time.
When I took over from Zach H. I had only intended to do a few updates, enough to keep the project rolling until somone else could take over. Unfortunately, I ended up taking over indefinitely, and with a lack of time (and lack of AHK proficiency) - not to mention my chronic procrastination - the project fell by the wayside.

gluxonForget it!!! Smile I call taking the whole project over until Brian gets back.

Gluxon (and wraithdu, computerfreaker) - I encourage you to take over and continue development, as (evidently) I do not have time to work on the project anymore. I've taken a look at the work that has been done in my absence and I think it's great.

I did make some changes to the CAFE Mod/eXpresso code that went unpublished - don't get excited, because none of it was major (stuff like removing the CAFE refrences, which gluxon has already now done). I'll have to do some searching (computer problems meant they got burned to a disc along with many of my other files) but hopefully I'll be able post some ideas and things that I did for the new devs to use. An NSIS "autoassociator" (which would automatically write associations upon first install) was something I had been playing with. I also wrote some custom code for the installer that would handle the mess of upgrading from older versions.

I'd also like to recognize that if this project hadn't become dormant, it would have been less likely that Lupo could have ripped it off so easily, and (again) I'd like to apologise for my laziness. I should have posted something much earlier to notify people that I could no longer work on the project.

Although I am currently unable to work on any major projects here, I will be checking in more frequently from now on, and will help out in any way I can. I apologise for any dissappointments or issues, and would like to thank you for taking the time to read this. Any comments are welcomed. Happy New Year to you all. Smile

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Wow. Just feel free to take

Wow. Just feel free to take over development whenever you want.

Glad you're back, though Smile

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apology accepted

I'm a firm believer that school is important and if you prioritize that over other "outside distractions", so be it. You've got your priorities straight in my book.

Regarding your lack or participation causing Lupo to steal it...I'm not making that jump in logic. "If you have one lock or five on a door, a dedicated thief is going to try to get your stuff no matter what". You're saying you "left the door wide open" for Lupo to come in and steal it. I don't see it that way.

Regarding your apology to the community, it takes a big person to admit they were wrong, so kudos to you...even if I feel there's no reason for you to apologize. Personal integrity is waning in recent years and people play "the blame game" so your willingness to step up is refreshing. "Stuff" happen sometimes.

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