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Pidgin: Split directories and PortableGAIM/GiMP

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Pidgin: Split directories and PortableGAIM/GiMP

I had problems with the PortableGaim and PortableGiMP when trying to implement the "split directory" functionality of the portable launchers, with the launcher displaying a message reporting " was not found. Please check your configuration". This error did not occur when I simply unpacked the zip file from and ran it from there. After closer scrutiny, I located a line missing from the CheckPortableAppsSplitDIR section of the launcher. John checked for the existance of the executable, and set the path if the executable was found, but check for or set the path of the settings folder. Instead, the check for the GTK is there.

I inserted these two lines in to the PortableGaim laucher after check for the exe, and it now works (for me at least!):

IfFileExists "$EXEDIR\Data\${NAME}\${DEFAULTSETTINGSDIR}\*.*" "" GaimHomeNotFound

I only did the check as by default, the settings folder exists, with a text file saying "settings here" in it!

I also encountered the "intl.dll" issue that other people encountered when I tried to use the "unique GTK" option, and had to change part of the GTK check:




If my memory serves me correct, there is also an error one of the launchers, can't remember which, in which "App" is used instead of "Apps". Don't quote me on that one - I could have been a change I made!

Hope this is of help to anyone who's encounterd either of these issues.