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Visual Understanding Environment

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Visual Understanding Environment

Program: Visual Understanding Environment (VUE)


License: Not sure but the website itself reports the software is open source.

Description: VUE (Visual Understanding Environment) is a free, open source mind mapping and data visualization software developed by the Academic Technology group at Tufts University in Boston. VUE is unique in that it offers a range of innovative functions such as tagging of nodes and of relationships, support for images, videos, and other objects within the mind map structure, and the ability to import and analyze datasets (from CSV files, XML files, and even RSS feeds) using semantic mapping. It also functions as an innovative Powerpoint-style presentation tool, allowing users to define “presentation pathways” on top of the mind map structure, and to create presentation-style content that is associated with the mapped concepts.

Basically it's an awesome new open source mind mapping application Smile

Note: Requires Java.

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mind mapping

it seem interesting but there's so many alredy portable alternative.

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Looks good

It looks more intuitive than FreeMind. I started using FreeMind recently but found it to be a little clumsy. The concept is solid, the Interface is a little Windows 3.11. Perhaps VUE is a little more intuitive, I'll have to check it out.

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