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leon mintz
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Democracy Player

The best thing to take with you to an internet-cafee...

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I did not like D-player

I tried Democracy Player a few months back to record my favorite shows each week and i was very dissapointed in how much it ate up my system rescourses. It did not make sence to me why a program for downloading and playing RSS feeds would slow my computer down so much, I have a Gig of ram and a 2.0Ghz processor, so no downloading software should be taking up 80% of my system rescourses and bogging down my system.

On that note, if anyone knows of a simular program or something less restricting, i would appriciate the suggestions.

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I was very impressed with

I was very impressed with Democracy Player 0.9.2. It looks very promising. I second the desire for a portable version.

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I'd say it'd be great as a

I'd say it'd be great as a portable app.

Once Version 1 is released it should be stable enough to convert to a portable app.

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Ok, i do some experience in NSIS yet i cant do anything without a link.....

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