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USB Safeguard - Password protection software for pendrives

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USB Safeguard - Password protection software for pendrives

Hi guys,

I just wanted to suggest this new software 100% portable and free:

I hope can be useful Smile

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Forum Guidelines... :(

I'm sorry, but I just wanted to let you know that you are likely in violation of Forum guidelines. You are promoting a product, and your nickname surely suggests it (nickname: usbsafeguard, program which you are promoting: USB Safe Guard...). Don't take my word for granted because I may be wrong, but I'm just trying to warn you on time... It looks to me like a violation, and there were other people which were already warn about it. Although, I think that the other software was payware... Anyway, I'll try it now Biggrin


My posts are old and likely no longer relevant.

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OK have tested it just now

and have to say, it is nothing more and nothing less then 7zip or what ever packager with ability to use common algos for encryption.

It simply packs all files added into one file. One can unpack single files later, sure no way to unpack any tree of executables. From some zip file, one can at least run most simple exe files with no other dependency, here even this is not possible.

Only simple data files can be therefore stored , like picts, and they can be opened from the apps browser box. Data like mail files etc need to be extracted prior to use.

So nothing new, no innovation so far.

One thing is funny: after the encryption, user is asked if he wants overwrite originals with zeros, or even some more complex pattern.
Ok, zeroing might be fine for magnetic hard drives, but for flash sticks??? Smile

Anyway, 7zip, peazip, toucan what ever will do same job at least or more?

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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