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Thunderbird 3.0 lost mails and read only

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Thunderbird 3.0 lost mails and read only

Hello all
I have been using Portable apps (and thunderbird apps) for a while now. No problem so far. but today, major issue :
I unplugged my USB key safely, then plugged it again and launched Thunderbird. At first it was ok but all my mails folder had dissapeared. So I close/open again only to get this error message :
"Mozilla Thunderbird appears to be running from a location that is read only" and so on. So I can't access Thunderbird anymore and I don't have my mails, adress book and Agenda.
However : I still have my mails eating up the space (over 4Gb of mails on the key) so they should be hidden somewhere.
Does anyone have an idea how to solve the problem (every other program is working just fine) or to at least get my profile back (my last back up is really, really old...)?
thanks anyway.

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It sounds like you have some corruption on your drive. So I'd first check it for errors. Then reboot the PC. Then start over and see how it runs. Your drive could be on its way out. Or it could have just had an error in the wrong place.

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Thanks for the tips. I

Thanks for the tips. I Managed to retrieve some of it and get it up and running again... but I will change my USB key soon.
Thanks again

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portable Thunderbird read-only solution

I think that one of the reasons this happens has to do with User Account Control in Windows 7. I discovered that after I turned user account control on, I couldn't access portable Thunderbird any more. I was only able to access it again after completely disabling user account control. Setting User Account Control to the lowest setting, but still on, I was still not able to access Thunderbird.

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are you using NTFS?

this sounds like it may be a permissions issue on the drive, if it is NTFS.

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