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TB3, lightning and Birthdays

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TB3, lightning and Birthdays

Hi all,

With TB 3.01 coming out (thanks!!), I tried again to upgrade, and with some tips posted on the forum I got TB 3.01 to work Smile

I also installed the latest (beta) Lightning addon, and that works just fine too.
But I was under the impression that with the new 'Birthday/Age' fields in the Address Book, these would show up in Lightning automagically as well....

As the plugin I used to use (Birthday Reminder) doesn't work for 3.01, I'm looking for a way to add the Birthdays into Lightning.

Is there a way to do this -without- adding addons to TB3? Or do I just have to wait for the update? Or is there some addon that will do this and more?
I have to admit I liked Birthday Reminder for the list it showed you when starting TB.

cheers for any anwers,


John T. Haller
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Birthdays have always been kludgey in everything, getting things to work back and forth. I gave up on it a long time ago and just added birthday events to my calendar. Now they always work.

I don't think Lightning does anything with them (nor does Thunderbird). I don't think they sync properly to Google Calendar all the time with the extension either. Not sure if Google Calendar handles them properly.

The only thing I ever had that DID handle them properly was my Palm.

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I've got the birthday thingy working with the "ThunderBirthday" plugin. You'll have to add "MoreFunctionsForAddressBook" as well to get it properly working and to 'see' the birthday entries in a new calender.

But it seems to work and Birthdays are showing in the agenda. I will keep you informed about my experiences.



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i use the morefunctionsforaddressbook ...

as well. I wish TB would use his code to make theirs work better.

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