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Article: Kingston's new USB drive offers public and encrypted partitions

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Article: Kingston's new USB drive offers public and encrypted partitions


USB sticks have offered pretty much the same functionality over the past year or so. So when Kingston announced a new DataTraveler Locker USB Flash Drive that offered partitioning capability, I took notice.

Kingston's new thumb drive offers the somewhat stand-out capability of allowing a user to set up an encrypted partition to safeguard some of that data, while allowing the remaining drive space to be open and accessible by anyone. I find this useful because I'm often lending my USB drive to friends who want a simple way to transfer files or temporarily save some data.

Read the full article here:

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hope they made it better then disk2go

I have number of those disk2go PURE II sticks. They also have software for the controller included, which does same. In fact yes , it does not produce two partitions, this would not work under windows, but produces two faked drives, each containing one partition only.
But the whole problem is, that to enter the password, one needs admin rights, since it makes direct periphery communication and this is not allowed under restricted windows user. So it is kind of LOL.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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