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Portable GIS Version 2 Integration

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Portable GIS Version 2 Integration

Firstly thanks to the devs, I've been using this for a few weeks and being able to use Openoffice at Uni is a real help.

Now to my problem:

To help with my studies I installed Portable GIS from

It all works but there are a couple of niggles after doing so:

1/ Portable GIS has taken over the autorun , I would prefer The portableapps menu to load as default. I had a look around and couldn't find an autorun file for portableapps [edit] I replaced the autorun script but it still doesn;t work and the icon's doesn't appear.[edit]

2/ Is there a way to be able to run the portable GIS menu as a Portableapps application.

Any help greatly appreciated.

PS, Not sure I got this in the right forum section, if I have, sorry