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Is there anyone working on zh-TW (Traditional Chinese version)?

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Raymond Lee
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Is there anyone working on zh-TW (Traditional Chinese version)?

I really hope there is a zh-TW version. Without it I have to installed non-portable openoffice in several computers. Sad

Please let me know if anyone working on it. Thanks.

Chris Morgan
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Language pack

Install the zh-TW language pack onto the normal version of That should do it.

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Work is in progress ...

... Portable will come with a Danish an zh-TW version too with the release of 3.2.0.

We still need transaltions for die help.html of Portable for zn-CN and zh-TW in order to get fully localized packages.

If You'll do this Job it could be a big goal for the Chineese packages.

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What You need is OSS!

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