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Make Instant Player

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Make Instant Player

I would like to see Make Instant Player made into a portable app.
I have the full version on my laptop and it works great.

The creator is MuldeR.

Another DL link:

"The most common problem you may face while sending videos to your friends and family is “Hey, I cannot view the video you sent me, it asks me to download a codec which I cannot find anywhere”. My mom definitely has told me this more than once (not the codecs part Smile ), after which I started to upload videos to YouTube and directly send her a link.

The problem arises because video files come in various formats and tons of times a person may not have a software installed on the PC to watch the given format. Make Instant Player tries to solve the problem by converting the videos to executables which anyone can easily watch, without having to install any additional softwares.

The software uses MPlayer engine for playback support, which in turn supports any video format in existence. So it leaves out a headache when you use high definition codecs to encode video files and send it to your friends and family, who in turn rely on players without support for those codecs.

Once you have created the executable, upload it to a file sharing server and share the link with your friends and family. As far as possible avoid using email services, since most of them block exe files. Make Instant Player is open source and completely free to use, so start saving yourself some hassle while sharing videos."

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Sheesh, this is dangerous.

How closely has the source code been examined? This could be modified into "Make Instant Botnet".

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There was a program a ways back called Mp32Exe that did pretty much the same thing. An .exe that closely resembled Winamp 2.x.x but white (maybe more like VLC?) and all it did was play the bundled .mp3 file.

But all that was before play-all programs like VLC. If you're going to send someone a video in a funny format, just tell them to get VLC. Ha. My sister-in-law had no idea she could watch videos recorded with her cell phone on the computer. Windows Media Player wouldn't play them. Must have been some funny phone-only thing, she figured. I put VLC (not portable) up on her Vista (LOL) laptop, the videos play fine now. There are a couple formats it won't play, but I suspect MPlayer might not play them either (legal issues). MPlayer is a joke anyway, the decoder engine is solid but the GUI is garbage. SMPlayer is a fork that solves some of the problems, but I still love VLC. But if you're gonna go with MPlayer, at least go with SMPlayer.

Which is irrelevant to the topic, only commentary on the viability of making a video into a self-contained player vs. just having a good media player to start with.

Wouldn't be a bad thing to have portable, but since it uses MPlayer anyway, couldn't the functionality be worked into SMPlayer? e.g. an option to make the current file a .exe self-contained player? Like an export option?

Though it should also be noted that Vista and Win7 will make your average user who doesn't know about VLC jump through a few hoops to run a .exe from the Internet. Security warnings might 'scare' them. Further argument to 'just tell em to get VLC and be done with it'.

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Make Instant Player

download the setup file
open "7zip"
right click over setup
click "open inside"

extract the files in a folder

optional: create a single portable exe with "makesfx"

hey ho lets go

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