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Let me introduce this great blog pet to you guys.

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Let me introduce this great blog pet to you guys.

I would like to write something to introduce a blog pet to people. Can any English native speaker help me to edit this article better?

Mero, a little creature created by Meromero Park Company, is a famous blog pet from Japan. Many Japanese and Chinese are enthusiastic about it including myself, but I haven't seen any other countries' people play it. Therefore, I would like to introduce mero to all the people in because I think it's fun, and you may like it.

In general, blog pets has three basic functions, linking blogs and forming a community, decorating blogs, and fun to play. Meromero Park does great in these three aspects. Its system, the way you play or have it, combines three elements tight. Meros grow to many kinds of color and shape so you will look for more different mero friends because they appear in your mero window, which you put on your blog for decoration. Meromero park also provide "seed system" and "my home system". You can pick up seeds by chance when you browser someone's mero window form his/her blog. Different seeds bloom different flowers in your mero window so you will be crazy for searching different seeds. The latest my home system gives your mero a home. Here you can manage your seeds, friends, and furniture, which you can get for your home randomly when you are visiting some mero's home. For these many features, plus many details I didn't mention, I think mero is the most fun blog pet in the world. I hope you will love it, too.

Official site:

My blog:
You can check my meros. I have two meros currently. The red mero, technical name is merorin(actuall the pronounciation is lin), is in her phase four out of six. The blue mero, technical name is merocho, is in his phase one, and will morph to two soon. In addition, you can also see my decorating banner and seedlist, which are made by those enthusiastic people.

Besides, these are other blog pets I've played. If anyone needs more info, I would love to help.

TagFriends. There's English version in this one.

Incredible Plants. CGI plants can decorate your blog. This is English version.

Cocoa Island. Guestbook function. Japanese.

Livly Island. Closer to online game than blog pet, but you have to pay to get all features.