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[Fixed] VLC: Extended settings (e.g. EQ) missing in 1.0.3?

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[Fixed] VLC: Extended settings (e.g. EQ) missing in 1.0.3?

I've just gotten around to updating VLC on this flash drive (it was 1.0.2 before) and suddenly the extended settings are gone. Clicking the icon on the program window does nothing, going to the menu option does nothing, and CTRL+E does nothing. Could it somehow have been left out of the compile?

I'm installing 1.0.2 again over 1.0.3 to see if this solves the problem. I'm glad SourceForge lets you go back and download previous versions. I don't have to use the extended settings at home, but at this terminal it's crucial, to tweak the EQ to make the one little speaker sound good.

(I use a 'pyramid' design; the rightmost center slider is almost at the top, and each one to either side of it is one full step below, with the next ones out being another step down, and so on. This does put the rightmost slider one step above the leftmost one, but this is fine. If you're on a computer with one tiny speaker in the front and everything sounds bad, try this and see if it doesn't sound a lot better.)

Fixed: They were added back in in 1.0.5.