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Can someone make/show how to create Portable Photoshop CS2 !

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Can someone make/show how to create Portable Photoshop CS2 !

i found this thread here at for making Portable PS CS2 : and as i browsed through GOOGLE i came across a number of TUTS with the same method/procedure. But i couldn't find any response from some who actually was able to make one with the steps outline.
So i guess i m not the only one having trouble with the TUT, i followed everything in the TUT but i still keep getting errors, PS CS2 simply wont open.:? Pardon Pardon
I think having Application in portable version can save a lot of time, especially for me, who end up formatting my PC every 2/3 times a week.
Can someone who made one could redirect or throw some light.

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Welcome to

This might help you:

neutron1132 (at) usa (dot) com

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Well First Of All You Can't...

You are skirting legal gibberish If you attempt to do this and you may void your product... I would recommend that you look at GIMP Portable it offers most of the power of CS2 but only takes up only 14MB compared to 300MB

But you know I don't even know if you payed for CS or not.

Just Kidding I hope... Smile


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i know it can be done. but i can save you alot of time i know where to get portable cs3 because i took a chance and downloaded it and what do you know it worked. its a single .exe and all the features work.

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