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Cannont connect once thunderbird.exe is edited

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Cannont connect once thunderbird.exe is edited

Not sure if anyone has found this annoying, but the two hyphens Thunderbird inserts before each signature. B4 ppl start tellin me why its there, i konw, but don't really care for it.

Anyway i posted a topic on MozillaZine and found a soluiton by editing the thunderbird.exe.

"You need a special editor that can work with binary files. Edit thunderbird.exe and search for hex 2D 2D 20 00 (hyphen hyphen space NUL). In my version I found this at offset 6D9014, but it will not be in the same place in every version. Change the first 2D to 00."

Well this works, but only thing is that Thunderbird dosn't send or receive from my IMAP account (don't use POP, so havn't tried), where there is any change to the thunderbrid.exe file.

Can anyone tell me whether this is a restiction with thunderbird when the exe is edited, or whether or not i can get around/fix this.

Bruce Pascoe
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Is that the ONLY instance of 2D 2D 20 00? If not, you may have accidentally edited something else (like program code), in which case I imagine it's just pure luck that the program doesn't crash.

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