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Portable SNES Emulator

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Portable SNES Emulator

I just installed znes on my usb drive and it works perfect.
now I have tons of SNES games at any time.

All I need is a small gamepad.

Bruce Pascoe
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I personally prefer SNES9X, but it writes its settings to the registry, so it's not completely portable. I don't like ZSNES very much because it can actually crash a Win95/98/Me system if you accidentally drag the window off the screen (this is usually impossible, but being partially obscured by the taskbar counts as "offscreen" in this case). Besides, the DOS version of ZSNES was so much better, I think.

Anyway. :lol: Just my two cents.

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think you could email Me how

think you could email Me how to put the emulator on? Im sure its easy.

Zach Thibeau
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just drag the contents from the directory and bring the to your flash drive
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