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Do you format you hard drive regularly?

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Do you format you hard drive regularly?


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Yes, or at least I used to

Yes, or at least I used to before I started using portable apps.
My old computer's performance regularly degraded after a HD formatting, so I'd have to reformat it about every 3-6 months. My new computer's been going almost 6 months and the fan hardly turns on, let alone the serious performance problems I had with the other computer; that's mostly due to portable apps, IMHO, since I only have two installed apps atm. My Windows installation is pretty-well clean, so I've stopped with the regular reformats.

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No, I find that weekly formatting causes irrecoverable data loss. Pardon

I find that I install far less software these days thanks to PA.c so my Windows installations stand the test of time far better. HD formats and Windows reinstalls aren't as necessary as they once were.

The biggest problem now is hard drive failure or malicious and destructive software, and thankfully I've avoided both of those for quite some time *knock on wood*.

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