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Why temp directory in c:/ upon startup?

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Why temp directory in c:/ upon startup?

Everytime I fire up FFP from my USB drive, it creates a randomly named directory in C:\TEMP called nsa184.tmp. The format is actually NS***.tmp.
It contains the following files:

They don't get deleted upon closure. Why are these here, and how can I make sure they go away after FFP closes?

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They are created by the launcher we use to make the applications (here: Firefox) portable. They are plugin files the launcher uses to do various things like displaying the splash screen, reading/writing to the registry or things like that.

Normally they are deleted after you close the application. Is there anything unusual about your setup/PC? For example: Do you use the ini file to allow multiple instances? Did you manually change something in the Launcher? What is your folder layout (=ie where is you FirefoxPortable folder)?

As I said before, they normally shouldn't be there after you close the application (and the launcher has stopped).

I hope we can work this out.

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I figured it out. And now another plea for help.

If I exit FFP normally, the files I mention in the original post do in fact clean themselves up after about 4-5 seconds after program closure. No problems.

The issue comes that I use a program called EjectUSB at the end of the workday to close all USB-run programs (like FFP) and eject the drive in one fell swoop. However, somehow EjectUSB thinks it's closing FFP gracefully, but I guess is not. There is some other process (a cleanup process) that must run and is getting chopped off at the knees.

There isn't a setting in EjectUSB to wait after program closure but before starting all other USB ejection stuff.

My question is if anyone has any experience with this? Or should I make a new subject?

PS, thanks for the welcome. Long time user, first time poster!

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Don't Use It

If I recall correctly, EjectUSB force-closes software, which is a bad idea. It's best to close your apps properly and then use the platform's eject function which just calls the Windows eject API.

The next platform release will properly close running apps and then eject, too.

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If anyone else is following

If anyone else is following this, here is the website for EjectUSB:

It looks like premature ejection prior to completion of program closure is a topic gaining steam, and may be part of the next release.

While it may be an autoit code, it's not a script (rather an .exe) & I'd have to decompile it, and frankly that's more work than I want to do at this point. I'd rather write my own autoit or batch script.

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That is a temporary directory

That is a temporary directory created by NSIS to temporarily store splash screens and plugins when you run an NSIS installer, or any program coded in NSIS such as the PA launchers or EjectUSB (it has to extract them SOMEWHERE). If you run Windows' Disk Cleanup periodically it should clean it up for you.

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EjectUSB in NSIS?

I thought EjectUSB was written in AutoIt3.

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