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Portable Gaim: OTR vs Gaim Encryption

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John T. Haller
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Portable Gaim: OTR vs Gaim Encryption

For the next release of Portable Gaim... I'm considering either switching from OTR to Gaim-Encryption... or bundling both. Any thoughts?

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I'd just be happy if it

I'd just be happy if it would play nice and work for me period Sad

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Good idea...

Not too sure on which would be better - prob the GAIM-encryption. I already seconded a request to possibly consider making a portable version of ScatterChat as well as standard GAIM (in case some people don't want the extra bloat of having encryption bundled with GAIM). I guess this would be similar to having GAIM-encryption packaged. Seeing as I don't currently use either I suppose a call would have to be made on which is currently the most popular in the non-portable world.

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both please

for maximum compatibility with others using either encryption method, bundling both would be fantastic. Thanks for all your effort so far Smile

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