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Can P.Apps handle %APPDATA on another volume?

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Can P.Apps handle %APPDATA on another volume?

Several months ago I posted about VLC Portable leaving stuff in &APPDATA and IIRC the post was ignored, which I took to mean "we can't reproduce it" or "we don't know what to do about it". (Silence is possibly the mother of assumption.)

I have an idea that might lead to a solution or at least an explanation.

How do the PortableApps launchers handle %APPDATA if it's on a volume other than C? Windows is on C on this particular computer but the users' profiles are all on D, which is on the same physical drive as C, it's just partitioned. I have no idea why they did it this way. I do know the computer gets its updates not from Windows Update but some corporate thing I've never seen.

Maybe the launcher is seeing no %APPDATA on C and is just ignoring it, yet VLC itself is writing to %APPDATA and leaving information behind. It isn't personal information, but it can be sensitive information. While I don't believe anybody should be watching DVDs (it records the DVD volume name) they'd mind their boss watching with them at work or their teacher at school, I do believe it falls under the definition of portable to clean up.

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Shouldn't be an issue

If there's a problem with %APPDATA% on another partition, there's a problem with the whole system (or with NSIS).
VLC, and everything else, uses the dynamic NSIS $APPDATA constant, which should be getting its value from the system %APPDATA% environment variable.
If VLC isn't getting that value correctly, either something's screwed up with NSIS or with Windows, which isn't that likely.

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