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[Outdated] Private Browsing by 1.0 Pre-Release 2

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John T. Haller
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[Outdated] Private Browsing by 1.0 Pre-Release 2

Private Browsing by has been released. Download it here.

Application: Private Browsing by
Category: Internet
Description: Private Browsing by is an add-on that works with Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition. It allows you to launch Firefox with an specialized profile with advanced privacy measures included. This profile has persistent cookies, history, download history and other privacy features off. Flashblock is included to block Flash Cookies and other nasties. AdBlock Plus is included with a subscription to the EasyPrivacy list to block tracking scripts and sites. A custom theme and branding is included so you can easily distinguish your private profile from your normal one. It's basically a more-advanced private browsing feature than those included in Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

Private Browsing 1.0 Pre-Release 2 [2MB download / ~10MB installed (+50MB if you leave anti-phishing on)]
(MD5: 9231d36b256af92bb141278a6c6e4337)

PRIVACY NOTE: As with any network software, your network traffic is still viewable by network admins. This just lets you avoid having local tracks on the PC or on your portable device.

Release Notes:

1.0 Pre-Release 2 (2010-02-09): Complete rewrite
1.0 Pre-Release 1 (2009-01-23): Initial public release

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The readme.txt file in the

The readme.txt file in the App folder says...

The files in this directory are necessary for Firefox Portable to function. There is normally no need to directly access or alter any of the files within these directories.

Might want to change that to "Private Browsing" for the official release Smile

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This works like a charm. I've become used to going in and manually changing each new release of firefox Portable to do these very things. Now I don't have to. Still testing at present, but so far, color me impressed. Now I can just update Firefox Portable and everything is exactly the way I want it. Very good work.

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