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Eraser doesn't work on the recycle bin

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Eraser doesn't work on the recycle bin

I believed I had posted this already but it did not show up in the forums at all. I apologize if this becomes a double post.

I can't get Eraser Portable to work on the recycle bin. I try the -recylced option through a shortcut but it doesn't say "erase the recycle bin" anywhere, not even with a right click. I even went to see if I try -recycle without the "d" but that doesn't work either.

This is the latest version of Eraser Portable running direct from the hard drive on a Vista x64 machine. Thanks!

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I believe that option is only

I believe that option is only available if you install Eraser to the system normally. The portable version definitely won't show up in the recycle bin's right click menu.

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A (somewhat inelegant) workaround

One way to work around this limitation is to cut all the files from the recycle bin and copy them into a folder. You can then easily erase the folder.


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Or use EraserDrop
It can do what you want. Just right click icon, choose tasks, choose wipe recycle bin. Hope this helps.

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